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    welcome to Blue Ribbon

    Blue Ribbon Tire Co Inc is the LARGEST owned independent tire company in the State of Arizona. We have 24 hour roadside service using 13 mobile units and 2 mobile presses.  We are located in the vicinity of Interstate 17 and Interstate 10. (see map)

    Let our professional staff take care of all your tire needs including off road equipment, trucks and trailers, industrial forklifts, and warehouse forklifts. We pride ourselves on having a large inventory and fast response to your location. Down time is very costly to everyone. “Time is money”

    Blue Ribbon Tire Co Inc distributes new Hankook, Bridgestone/Firestone as well as Solideal and Trelleborg tires. Along with our array of inventory we stock a full line of new recaps and a good selection of used tires.

    Excellent Service:

    * 24 Hour Road Service * Mobile Solid Tire Pressing
    * Complete Yard For Service On Site * Cap and Casing Program
    * Tire Tracking Program * Largest Inventory On Site
    * Computerized Balance * Light Truck, Medium Truck & Semi
    * Fleet Inspection System * OTR Tires
    * Foam Fill System

    We look forward to doing business with you and your company