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Day 3 Transport – I191 & 61 to Cameron

This is the entrance to I40 from the 191. Once… more

Phoenix to Payson

Bravada Yachts contracted Blue Ribbon Tire to go with them… more

Lug Nuts

Getting the trailer lug nuts torqued and air pressures checked… more

Tire Tips

Tire Tip #1 Make sure to check your air pressure… more

Commercial Truck Tires

Hankook-Long Haul Steer AL07+
Hankook Tire AL07+ Long Haul Steer
The AL07+ revolutionizes long haul applications. The tire defection is precisely engineered for maximum performance with the UMS.  It optimizes the tire plyline and gives it the lowest possible belt edge stress. Advanced construction also has outstanding footprint pressure and that is the key to long and even wear, one of the top Rolling Resistance tires in the United States.

Firestone HT
Transforce HT
Transforce HT tires are packed with features to make it an excellent driving force for light trucks and commercial vehicles. With polyester and steel construction and a high modulus tread compound for heavy-duty work. Transforce HT is designed for all-season, noise reduction and provides a comfortable ride.
Solideals Xtra
Solideal USA
Solideal’s Xtra wall Skid steer tires come in a full range of sizes to fit all types of skid steer leaders. With Natural rubber for the best tear and chunk resistance and extra deep lugs for traction and longer tread life. Solideal is economical price for the best performance.