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Day 3 Transport – I191 & 61 to Cameron

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Phoenix to Payson

Bravada Yachts contracted Blue Ribbon Tire to go with them… more

Lug Nuts

Getting the trailer lug nuts torqued and air pressures checked… more

Tire Tips

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Blue Ribbon Tire’s professional team will take care of all your tire needs and services.

24 Hour Road Service:  With a basic service call and a one way mileage charge there are no boundaries.  Blue Ribbon Tire can service you and your company in a quick and efficient time frame.

Balancing Tires: Blue Ribbon Tire provides computerized balancing for passenger and light truck tires at one place of business.  Roadside or on your job site, balancing a tire is very simple with Counteract Balancing Beads.

Mobile Solid Tire Pressing: Because we have a mobile press we can come to your warehouse and replace your solid tire in a timely fashion with little to no down time.

Foam Filled: We provide on site removal & replacement of foam filled tire service.  With a 24 hour turn-around time 7 days a week.

Fleet Inspection: This is an awesome tool for any company.  Blue Ribbon Tire will work with you closely on keeping your fleet at it best.  With tire air pressures & tread depth inspections available so you get the longest life out of your tires.

Tire Tracking Program: We provide  full service  information regarding your truck or piece of equipment, brand of tire, sizes, and mileage. Every time we have done work for you the service is logged.