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Tire Tips

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Tire Tips

Tire Tip #1
Make sure to check your air pressure at least once a month on all vehicles. The average tire loses 3 psi a month in all climates. Keep tires properly inflated and you could improve gas mileage by more than a $1.50 every time you fill your vehicle. The recommended tire pressure for your vehicle is located on a sticker inside your driver-side door or in your owner’s manual.

Tire Tip #2
Foam Filling for off road equipment tires will eliminate flat repairs. Not only will Foam Filling will extend the life of the tire, it will also add weight to the machine for a lower center of gravity and stability.

Tire Tip #3
Tread depth is another important factor for tire maintenance for your automobile or truck. Tires should have minimum tread depth of 1/16th of an inch. A quick easy way to test depth is the “penny test”. Place a penny within the tire’s treads and check to see if Lincoln’s head is visible. If Lincoln’s entire head is visible, then it is time to replace the tire.

Tire Tip #4
Rotation and Re-balancing of your tires is recommended every 20,000 miles. By doing that you will extend the life of the tire and have a better ride. This is very highly recommended.

Tire Tip #5
Tires that are not being used frequently need to be protected from the sun. The sun will cause ozone cracking and will not be road worthy. Using wood, cardboard or proper tire covers to prevent ozone cracking.

Tire Tip #6
Tire replacement on boat and RV trailers is recommended every two years. Limited usage and ozone cracking are two main reasons for tire failure. Also, frequent tight turns cause fatigue on the steel belts in the tire.